The Second Battle of the Alamo

Remember the Alamo! The battle cry is ingrained in Texas school children’s heads starting in the fourth grade. Images of lines in the sand being drawn, brave Texans crossing the line, those too weak to stand being carried over on stretchers, all pledging to give their lives rather than surrender to Santa Anna.

While much is made of the glory of the gallons of blood spilled in an attempt to defend the Mission, seldom is the story of the second battle of the Alamo told. This second battle, although waged quietly in the early 20th century, allowed us to still have the remnants of the earlier Mission and an actual building and grounds left to remember. And, like most of the historical memorabilia preserved in Texas, we owe its preservation to two women, one with the historical knowledge to know to fight for the Alamo, and one with the money.


2 thoughts on “The Second Battle of the Alamo

  1. Is Clara Driscoll who is known as one of the “Tiffany Girls” the same Clara Driscoll who is known for helping save the Alamo? I am a native of Corpus Christi, TX. and had never heard of a connection with Tiffany. Just curious.

    • Great question, particularly since there’s been a lot of publicity about this “other” Clara Driscoll. No, “our” Clara Driscoll did live in New York City for awhile, but never worked for Tiffany. In fact, she never worked for anyone other than herself and her family businesses. While in New York in her early ’20’s, she produced two different plays which ran in Broadway. After marrying Henry Sevier, they lived in New York, next door to the Roosevelts for several years, before moving back to Texas. Keep your eye out for my biography of Clara, coming out in the Spring of 2011, from UT Press.

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